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Mastro®Plus Balloon In-Deflation Device

Product Introduction (Click on the profile to view the pictures)

  • 30ml capacity: 1. 30ml clear syringe barrel and 30 atm maximum pressure, can be applied not only to the inflation of PTCA balloons, but also a majority of PTA balloons. 2. Offering quicker inflation and deflation (both positive/negative pressure), which is more suitable for the larger sized balloon

  • Adjustable monometer: 45 degree rotating gauge, is conductive to easy observation, from varied angles.

  • Selok device:Secure lock that prevents damage to the device from excessive inflation.

  • Jet exhaust type handle:Designed to fit either hand comfortably, with a large coarse screw handle, for quicker inflation and deflation.

  • Features
    Name Model Nominal Max Pressure(atm) Capacity(ml) Include 3-way valve
    Mastro®Plus Balloon in-deflation Device DPD20 30 20 N
    DPD20/OFF 20 N
    DPD20/ON 20 Y
    DPD25 25 N
    DPD25/OFF 25 Y
    DPD25/ON 25 Y
    DPD30 30 N
    DPD30/OFF 30 Y
    DPD30/ON 30 Y